Für den grossartigen Schauspieler William Smith habe ich
ein englisches Gedicht geschrieben, welches hier auch als Audio
angehört werden kann. Zudem hat William Smith
selber ein Poetry Book geschrieben, welches auch über
seine Homepage erworben werden kann.
Siehe dazu folgenden Link oder klick auf sein Foto:
Das Bild haben William Smith und Joanne Cervelli Smith
mit freundlicher Genehmigung zur Verfügung gestellt.
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For the great Actor William Smith I wrote an english Poem,
which you can read and even hear as Audiofile on this Site.
As many of you know, he also has written his own Poetry Book,
which you can buy with Help on his Website.
Follow the Link above to get his Book or klick on his Photo..
Thanks to William Smith and Joanne Cervelli Smith
who allowed me to use the Picture.

A Biker


Riding Eagle !

The Night is dead, first shiny glow
which tenderly possess
the Stones, the Earth, a Glamour Show
of dancing Lights, I guess.

The Wideness of this Scenery
amidst enormous Rocks
Is boundless big and endlessly,
With Guardians in Blocks.

Scant Vegetation is immersed
in red-orange and gold,
The Colours floating and dispersed
like Diamonds to behold.

But in that Countryside along
Is mixed a magic tune,
The Sound varies from soft to strong,
This Mystery solved soon.

An Eagle riding on his Bike
through rusty, sun-drenched Air,
The humming wheels are on a hike
to reach the sky, a dare.

The Being keeps the wheels in rein,
Sheer Freedom in his eyes,
Tough Muscles press them back to lane
Steel wings, which nearly flies.

Untamed and keen, the Hair wind-blown
Controls breath-taking speed,
He drives a race, …or maybe flown?
Horizon reached, indeed.

A proud creature wrapped in Light,
but no more sound was heard,
Just my desire was in sight,
No Feather and no Bird.

The Eagle was a manly Being,
Fulfilled my burning wish,
Cause … I’m allowed to watch this scene,
The Man, … named William Smith !
June 2010 © Maria Wigo
 (Wiltrud Maria Gödde) Germany